Monday, March 14, 2016

Teesta Valley sftgfop-1 EX-1 Darjeeling tea 1st flush 2016


       We are glad to have this excellent batch of Darjeeling tea in our list again this year. This is truly a rare tea grown at the peak time of the early 1st Flush 2016 Darjeeling tea harvest.
       This is a superfine quality 1st flush 2016 Darjeeling tea plucked from the 100% pure china bushes of this high elevation garden of Darjeeling. This is the 1st batch of early season 1st flush 2016 Darjeeling tea that rolled out of this garden this year and probably the 1st lot of premium 1st flush tea made from pure china bushes in whole of Darjeeling.
    The dry leafs are dark greenish in appearance since this garden is situated in a very high elevation hill of Darjeeling and has a lot of tiny young shoots and buds in this state. The dry leafs gives out excellent fresh fruity-floral aroma in this state.
   When steeped for complete 4 minutes the cup gives a bright yellow liquor.Each sip reminds of freshly picked fruits like green apples, pine apples and white grapes and has a lingering sweet after taste.

     An early 1st flush 2016 classic Darjeeling tea which will surely win a true Darjeeling tea lover`s heart!

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