Friday, July 3, 2015

Pussimbing Organic sftgfop-1 DJ 70/Darjeeling tea 2nd flush 2015

Pussimbing Organic sftgfop-1 DJ 70/Darjeeling tea 2nd flush 2015

   We are extremely proud and also very happy to present a lot of peak 2nd flush 2015 harvest Darjeeling tea from this estate of Darjeeling. As soon as the 1st flush 2015 Darjeeling harvest ended in the mid month of May 2015, I had already planned out to procure only the peak time 2nd flush 2015 harvest Darjeeling teas from some of the small gardens of Darjeeling. These gardens make small quantity of teas each year and since the tea produced are in such small batches, it never reaches out to most of the consumers who are real Darjeeling tea lovers. Pussimbing tea estate is one of the gardens in Darjeeling who makes extremely high quality teas but in small batches which are the reason most of the merchant selling Darjeeling teas do not have this tea in their collection.

     Pussimbing tea estate is located about 6 kilometres from the Ghoom railway station of Darjeeling region. It is a certified bio-organic tea plantation which has 100% pure china bushes. This plantation is divided into 3 divisions – Pussimbing Division, Lami & Minjoo Division and Kothi Dhura Division. This premium plantation of Darjeeling belongs to the Chamong Group.

      After tasting a few samples from them ( I must admit – all were really good) we selected the Pussimbing DJ 70 2nd flush 2015 Darjeeling tea lot.
   This is a rare and Premium Organic Darjeeling tea plucked from the 100% pure china bushes of this most reputed plantation of Darjeeling.
     This super premium quality tea is sorted small in size, has a lot of gold and silver tips in it and has a wiry appearance in this dry leaf state.
     The dry leaves gives out delicious aroma of rich caramel, freshly baked confectionaries like cake and cookies and slight hint of red roses.
      When steeped for complete 5 minutes the cup gives out deep golden orange liquor. Each sip in this peak season 2nd flush Darjeeling tea reminds of almonds with slight hint of Indian spices and deep sweet taste of honey which is followed by a slight mint and musk like aftertaste.

     A top of the line super premium quality Darjeeling tea which cannot be replicated by any other batches of tea. A must try for all tea lovers around the world!

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