Sunday, June 9, 2013

Margaret`s Hope ( Summer Delight) 2nd flush 2013 Darjeeling tea

The 2nd flush 2013 Darjeeling tea harvest started about 10-12 days early this year due to the sudden rainfall in the 3rd week of May. We were continuously in touch with the tea makers of different plantations of Darjeeling all throughout the month of May.

       I personally feel that this year the climatic and soil conditions are favourable for the Margaret`s Hope Tea Estate right from the 1st flush 2013 harvest as this plantation has been making some of the best lots of tea this year.

     I am really proud to have and offer this lot of exceptional Darjeeling tea from the 2nd flush 2013 harvest from Margaret`s Hope tea estate. It is the Margaret`s hope (Summer Delight) 2nd flush 2013.
         This is a very small batch of clonal tea plucked from the high elevation AV2 clonal bushes of the “Edenvale” section of this plantation. The dry leaf are wiry in appearance and come in colours of gold  ,olive and reddish brown and has a lot of bold silver and gold unbroken tips. The dry leaf gives out extremely delicious flavours of vanilla, dark chocolate and roses.
         When steeped for complete 4 minutes the cup releases bright golden liquor. Each Sip reminds of crisp white wine. There is the dryness to the tongue, the slight hints of different fruity flavours that you coax can tease until they fade or morph into something else entirely.

      In simple words “an exceptional tea of the 2nd flush 2013 Darjeeling tea harvest”.

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