Friday, March 8, 2013

Puttabong Organic Moondrops/ LC-1 /1st flush 2013 Darjeeling tea

Puttabong Organic Moondrops / LC-1 1st flush 2013 Darjeeling tea

        I am really honoured and excited to have this exclusive early invoice pure 1st flush tea from one of our favourite organic plantation in Darjeeling. After tasting several pre-1st flush teas from the Puttabong Tea Estate we are extremely proud to offer this excellent lot of tea which is exclusively made for us.

         This is a very special lot of tea plucked from the high elevation AV2 young clonal bushes of this plantation in Darjeeling. Only one leaf and a bud are plucked by the expert pluckers of this plantation during the early hours of the morning to procure the tender shoots and buds from the young clonal bushes.  This excellent tea is hand crafted and no- machine work is involved in any part of its manufacture.

        The dry leafs have bold leafs and large silver tips and releases a delicious fruity aroma in this state. When steeped for 3 minutes the cup releases bright yellow/golden liquor in the cup.
Each sip gives out a fruity note of ripe mangoes, slightly buttery and rosy and ends with a sweet note of sugarcane on the palate.

     Once again I`m thankful to Mr.Amit (Manager, Puttabong Tea Estate) and Mr.Somani (Superintendant, Puttabong and North Tukvar Tea Estate) for making such an exclusive tea and understanding the quality standards of the teas that we offer each year in our list.

      We guarantee all our tea lover friends that everyone who tries this awesome tea will fall in love with it .This is truly a TeaEmporium signature tea of the 1st flush 2013 harvest season.

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