Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Approach to 2nd Flush Darjeeling tea 2012

An Approach to 2nd flush 2012:

    The most premium harvest has just started in the Darjeeling tea Industry. It is known as the 2nd flush harvest. In this harvest the word famous “Muscatel” teas are produced in Darjeeling. The Muscatel flavor in the tea is often compared with the Muscat wine or grapes by tea connoisseurs around the world and Darjeeling is known to produce the Best Muscatel Black teas in the world.

      Like any other harvests the soil and the climatic conditions plays a vital role in this harvest. For a perfect 2nd flush tea the days should be hot and the nights have to be colder so that the shoots and the leafs gets dehydrated and the finest muscatel teas are produced from the most dehydrated leafs. The dry leafs of a good 2nd flush tea should be brown/coppery in appearance with tiny gold tips in the china varietals and large and bold gold tips in the clonal varieties of Darjeeling teas.

       We have been tasting a lot of current tea samples from various gardens like Jungpana ,Goomtee,Castleton,Puttabong,Turzum,Sungma,Teesta Valley,Gielle etc. and we can confirm  that the best 2nd flush teas will start coming in from the 10th-15th of June 2012 and all the teas being made before this time frame are pre-2nd flush teas.

    As usual we request all our tea lover friends to have patience as we are working hard to procure the best 2nd flush teas and as soon as we finish procuring our list of teas we will inform all our friends and I guarantee we will offer the best!

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