Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gielle sftgfop-1 clonal Ex-2/ 1st Flush 2012 Darjeeling tea

Gielle sftgfop-1 clonal Ex2/1st Flush 2012 Darjeeling tea.

I am really proud to have this small lot of tea from this beautiful plantation of Darjeeling after 3-4 years in our list of teas. This batch of Darjeeling tea caught my attention when one of my tea taster friend had send me some samples from Teesta Valley Tea Estate and Gielle tea estate to taste and know my opinion regarding these plantation`s harvest. The Teesta Valley tea garden is making some good teas for the last couple of years but I had not seen anything fancy from the Gielle tea estate.

The moment I opened the small sample pouch of this particular batch of tea I simply fell in love with the exotic fruity aroma that came across my nose. The dry leafs of this tea is extremely bright greenish and are large in size. This batch of tea is made from Teesta 7 and P312 clonal leaves. The dry leaves give out some delicious aroma of ripe mangoes and dates. When steeped for about 3.5 minutes this exotic tea gives out thin and bright liquor in the cup. Each sip reminds of rich flavors of exotic fruits and leaves a little sweetness on the palate as an after taste.

A really well made tea of the season but available in a very limited stock!

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