Friday, May 28, 2010

An Approach to 2nd Flush 2010 Darjeeling tea 2010

An Approach to 2nd Flush 2010 Darjeeling tea:

After a grand success in 1st Flush harvest we are really looking forward towards the 2nd Flush harvest of 2010, this year during the 1st Flush harvest we suffered a lot due to the draught but I never gave up and no body can claim that we had come up with some under rated teas but as usual the best teas are available in our list of selections and I’m glad to announce that we had no competition in the quality tea field as I’m really proud to say that most people now do understand the early harvest factor and the late harvest factor and they really do not get carried away as before by just the same name ( eg Puttabong Queen) and the price factor, anyways coming back to the 2nd Flush harvest of 2010 I must say that we are having a very favorable climatic conditions so far, its been raining till the end of 3rd week of May and its getting dry from the starting day of the 4th week of May which is really a very good sign.
The best 2nd Flush teas are made from the most dehydrated leafs and shoots (in local language we call it the “Kakra”) unlike the 1st Flush where the best teas are made from the most tender leafs and shoots, In 2nd Flush the world famous Muscatel character takes place which is often compared with the Muscat grapes or Muscat wine by the Tea connoisseurs around the world. A very good 2nd Flush tea should have a typical muscatel flavour and coppery liquor in the cup. The most important factor about the 2nd Flush harvest is that it takes place between the last weeks of May- last week of June but the best 2nd Flush teas are made during the end of 1st week of June- end of 2nd week of June, hence the tea makers just get 1 week-10 days time to make the best teas in individual tea gardens in Darjeeling and each garden can make only 10-20 invoices of pure 2nd Flush (approx. 2500kgs) and the rest are pre-2nd Flush crop or post-2nd Flush crop.
We have already started tasting various samples from different plantation in Darjeeling and to be honest as usual I will not disclose which teas I’ll come up with as I’ve often seen that various online vendors tends to follow what we procure and offer, I really doubt if they really understand what they are offering…..anyways if you have enjoyed our 1st Flush selections of this year then please keep visiting our website and we promise you that we will come up with simply the best teas which will be true value for your money….Have a great tea time!