Monday, April 5, 2010

Turzum DJ-1 sftgfop-1 clonal flowery 1st Flush 2010 Darjeeling tea

Turzum (Sungma) sftgfop-1 clonal flowery /Organic Darjeeling tea 2010:

This 1st Flush 2010 Darjeeling tea harvest has been a hard one, where all other merchants and exporters of Darjeeling teas are literally crying for high quality teas as there is a serious crunch for good quality teas, I’ve been lucky enough as my hard work has been paying off smoothly, I had booked an invoice of Turzum some 20 days back hoping that we will be able to get the same quality label tea as last year ,(Turzum is a organic division of the Sungma plantation in Darjeeling which mainly consists of BB157 clonal bushes and Camellia Assamica bushes) , But seeing the harvest conditions this year I was not sure if we will get anything serious from this garden on time as Sungma and Turzum is a late starter in1st Flush harvest, so on the 3rd of April Mr. Jha (Superintendent of Sungma,Risheehat and Balasun Tea Estates) gave me a call that the 1st invoice of Turzum was ready and a sample was sent to me, Mr. Jha is also a very popular figure in the Darjeeling tea industry for his excellent tea making art and I was sure that ,to get his 1st invoice that’s DJ-1 will not be easy as at least top 50 buyers from all around the world will bid for this tea….. Sungma tea estate is located in Pokriabong valley of Darjeeling district and is just one and a half hour drive from our retail outlet, so finally the sample arrived and yes the tea is extremely good ,very well twisted and lots of silver tips in it, so we immediately steeped the tea and the cup also gave a very good result, really very fruity tea without any bitterness,so after few hours of intense bidding we finally got the tea and I`m really proud of 2 things and that is DJ-1 its an honour and secondly the sample of the tea was catered to selected premium buyers only,and we were among the few of their premium buyers who were catered with this premium tea sample,all I can say about this tea is that this tea is a true nectar of the nature and cannot be further replicated this 1st Flush 2010 harvest.