Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jungpana ftgfop-1 Dj-175 Autumn flush 2009:

Jungpana ftgfop-1 Dj-175 Autumn Flush 2009:

This is a great muscatel tea of the season which will also give a stiff competition to any top 2nd Flush muscatel tea in the market, this particular tea came to our notice when a big bunch of samples were sent to us by a big tea brokerage company in Darjeeling, most of the teas from the Jungpana Tea Estate is good this autumn but this particular invoice DJ-175 of Jungpana wins the race by miles ahead as the dry leafs are well twisted and sorted, the tea is kept a bit high fired for that high flavoury nose, the tea has a very high muscatel and roasted nuts like aroma in this state, the cup is also very expressive with raw hints of grapy and muscatel notes and has a very smooth flowery after taste….All one can say is this is simply the best classic muscatel tea of the season.

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