Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some Great 2nd Flush darjeeling teas 2009

Some great 2nd Flush Darjeeling teas 2009:

It has been a very hard and long 1st Flush this year, I must say it was a tough job for me to sustain the same quality level this year but when I get mails of complements and words of satisfaction from our customers, it feels like the job was really well done. Now as the month of May is over and there has been a good amount of rain it’s time for the much awaited 2nd Flush teas, tea samples from many gardens have started coming in and one thing is for sure, and that is all most all the teas in this period will be slightly heavier than usual 2nd Flush teas as we had some heavy showers in the last weeks of May, Anyways talking about great teas I think I should start off by writing about the Thurbo (classic musk) sftgfop-1 EX-9,I`m really thankful to Mr. J.D. Rai ,The Senior Manager and the quality controller of the Goodricke gardens in Darjeeling for making this invoice personally for us, this tea is plucked from selected the pure china bushes of the garden and is fermented and withered very carefully as a result of which the tea has a very shiny purplish bloom, the tea has an extravagant high aroma in the dry leaf state and when steeped for about 4 minutes, this tea gives an absolute smooth muscatel aroma with a mellow after taste, I think tea lovers who enjoyed our last year’s Castleton Muscatel exclusive will enjoy this tea very much.

I also cannot stop myself writing about the Puttabong clonal delight Ex-30 2nd Flush Darjeeling tea 2009, this tea was made exclusively for us only on special request to Mr. Somani (Superintendent of the Puttabong and North Tukvar Tea Estates) and hopefully this tea will not be available with any other vendors around the world as this tea was plucked from pure clonal young AV2 type bushes under the age of 5-6 years, this tea was plucked at the early hours of the morning to maintain the tenderness of this beautiful tea, this tea is made under extreme supervisions of the master tea makes of the Puttabong tea estate, the leaf and shoots are keep untouched as a result of which the tea has a beautiful bold look, the dry leafs also has some extremely delicious aroma and when steeped for about 5 minutes this tea release some very light coppery liquor with very high floral aroma and the after taste that gives a slight hint of white grapes and dry coconuts, this tea will definitely make a great treat for a tea lover.

Finally I have to write about the Castleton Moonlight 2nd Flush 2009, many tea lover customers of ours were upset when we informed them that this tea was not that good in the 1st Flush harvest, the manager of this garden who is also a very good friend of ours tried his best in 1st Flush but he could not satisfy us then, but now when he came with the 1st batch sample of the 2nd Flush Moonlight tea, we were delighted to see this tea as the tea looked extremely wiry and well sorted and even the aroma in the dry leaf state is extremely aromatic, the cup is even better this year as it has rich floral and musk flavour and a very nice lemony after taste…..I think the more I write about this tea its still less as this is simply the best tea for people who enjoy young teas!

We welcome all tea lover to join our tea party ,this 2nd Flush 2009!


Steven Knoerr said...

Your 2nd Flush Darjeelings do sound amazing this year. May I ask a couple questions?

Why do the late May rains make the taste of the 2nd Flush harvest "heavier," and what do you mean by that term?

Second, you talk about the young trees, five years or younger. For Darjeelings, this is a good thing, right? I'm very curious about this, because I know in China, usually the very old trees are viewed as creating the very best, most complex teas. How do you think the relative youth of the trees benefits the Darjeelings you are tasting?

Thank you so much for your informative and interesting blog!

Very sincerely,

Steven Knoerr
The 39 Steeps

Tea Emporium said...

1st of all thank you for appreciating my blog,the answer to your 1st question is that the late May rains make the 2nd Flush heavier in terms of liquor as the soil receives high temperatures during the month of May and when it suddenly rains the yield of the crop goes higher and the liquor turns darker and also if it rains very hardly during this period of time then even the tea can have dark blackish look in the dry leaf state and also tea making becomes extremely difficult for the grower in terms of a good cup of tea and giving a fine twist to the tea also become difficult as if the pressure in the rolling machine is little more then even this factor might give a darker look to the tea.
The answer to your second question is that in Darjeeling the young bushes gives a better yield as the growth is much rapid in these bushes,the appearance of the teas are much better and the main factor is that this type of tea fits all taste palates as these are generally mellow and very floral in character,specially teas made for young clonals like AV2,P312,S1240 are great hits from Darjeeling,