Friday, November 21, 2008

Autumn Flush Darjeeling tea 2008

Autumn Flush Darjeeling tea 2008

After a Long Monsoon season this year, at a certain period of time we thought if we will really get some good autumn teas this year or not? As it rained really hard up to October 2nd week, which is actually the beginning of the Autumn Harvest, one should also remember that autumn harvest is the shortest harvest period among all harvests done through the year and sometimes some gardens do not get the opportunity to even conceive any pure autumn teas as this is the harvest which stands between the Monsoon and the winters, so too much humidity after the monsoon is bad for this harvest and also cold atmospheric temperatures of the approaching winters stops the growth of new leafs and buds required for this harvest, so one can surely understand how much we are dependent on the nature’s mercy to have a good crop.
This harvest season we have tasted many good and bad teas, I would definitely not write the bad part but I’ll try to put up as much as possible. The well-defined Autumn Flush teas were first launched by the Mirik Valley Gardens like Thurbo, Okayti and Seeyok, as usual the character of these garden’s teas were mostly with good nose (flavor), good liquor but I was mostly impressed with the Thurbo Tea Estate’s teas, specially the young teas, I must say the tea makers at Thurbo Tea Estate have really made up to the mark in terms of making the high quality young clonal teas, I was really impressed to see their Thurbo Oriental Delight this season as of coarse one should not expect an excellent ornamental value of a tea and should rather concentrate on the cup and this tea was excellent but was exclusively available in a limited stock, of coarse custom made for us. The china special Ftgfop-1`s were also very good and must say these teas were also one of my personal favorite. Talking about the kurseong Valley gardens, well Castleton teas did not impress me too much, but I was keen to see their Clonal Moonlight but as I have mentioned earlier that its very hard to find young buds during this Harvest, so making this tea was impossible for this season so I had to back out from this garden, But Jungpana made some very good teas as this garden has some of the finest china origin bushes and is world renowned for its teas in all the 3 major Darjeeling tea harvests, specially talking about the DJ-213 ,I’d gone crazy to have this tea on my list, as after many years I have seen a very good Autumn tea like this ,the muscatel flavor ,backed up by pine like after taste ,makes one feel like being in heaven! I tried several Goomtee samples but had to keep these teas away from my list as these teas had a very hard liquor but may be later on I can get some good teas from this estate as even this garden makes some very good Autumn teas. I cannot afford to forget about the Tumsong and Lingia Organic teas and the Journey through these gardens, First of all I’m really thankful to Mrs. Suman Gurung, the head of the Tumsong Resorts to let me visit the garden with her, on the way to the garden I saw some amazing scenery which I had never seen in my life, these gardens have some of the finest and oldest tea bushes in Darjeeling, one must go to these estates and see the tea bushes on the dangerous slopes rising high above toward the blue autumnal sky and should meet the ever helpful and cheerful people of this area, I always wondered why almost all the teas of these tea estates tasted so good and found out the most important factor and that is, the tea bushes on the slopes are facing the Kunchanjunga Mountains, I really enjoyed to see the organic culture in these areas even the most common vegetable grown in this estate is grown organically, well I have a very good Tumsong Autumn tea offer on my website, I hope my most valuable tea lover customer will enjoy my blog and the teas as usual. Have a great tea time! …Cheers.

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