Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Exclusive Darjeeling White tea 2008

This harvest season we have been able to procure some of the finest Darjeeling White teas and I must admit after a long time we have been able to procure what we actually wanted. A cup filled with the magic of freshness!

Okayti (Silver Tips) white tea: A rare and unique offering of the year, this tea is plucked from the youngest clonal bushes of this wonderful tea plantation of Darjeeling, all the process involved in manufacturing this tea is done manually, especially each silver tip is hand rolled very carefully by expert tea makers of the garden and its done in such a way that each tiny hair remains prominent on each silver tip which gives that extra ornamentation to the tea, this tea should be steeped for 6 minutes to get that extremely refreshing aroma and slight delicate taste of fresh pears and white grapes that ends with exceptionally mellow after taste, this rare white tea has all the health benefits of a very high quality Green tea and is one of the best of its kind in the world.
Champagne of teas among exceptional and rare Darjeeling teas!

Arya white pearl/organic: This is one of the rare premium organic tea made in Darjeeling by one of the famous plantation in Darjeeling, which is totally hand made and no machines are used at any stage of the production of this tea, each two leaf and a bud is plucked by the expert tea pluckers of this plantation at the early hours of the morning when there is sufficient dew on the leafs from young bushes that has natural floral character. The leafs are then spread very thinly in sunlight for about 4 hours to allow the moisture to be evaporated. About 8-12 leafs are rolled at a time in fine silk cloth for about 5-6 minutes to ensure a slight rupture of enzymes while retaining most of the “two leaf and a bud” shape of the leaf. This tea should be steeped for about 6 minutes to get that extremely floral and fruity aroma and as the leafs are unbroken, the tea immediately gives that smooth and sweet taste on the palate with each sip and the liquor of the tea is similar to the color of the white pearl.
A superb quality tea that’s hard to be imitated!

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