Friday, July 18, 2008

Sungma clonal delight EX-11 2nd Flush Darjeeling tea 2008

This is the tea that we had procured at the end of our 2nd Flush 2008 purchase, after we had almost finished with our 2nd Flush 2008 list of teas, this particular tea’s sample happened to reach us through another Darjeeling tea buyer who just could not afford to have this tea due to some financial crisis, when I dropped the leafs on the white foil, I was impressed at first sight seeing its blossom which had an unique blend of red, brown and coppery shades on the leafs which is a sure good sign of a very rich 2nd Flush tea and the aroma that rolled out of the leafs was simply awesome with clear hints of ripe red grapes, when steeped for about 4-5mins the tea gave out an extravagant grape like aroma from the cup and as the tea cooled down, each sip defined a different tea drinking experience and above all the liquor of the tea is also not very dark and the after taste is also very smooth, to be very honest this is one of the crown of 2nd Flush 2008 teas!

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