Friday, March 30, 2007

Castleton Tea Estate

On the 29th of March, I visited the famous Castleton Tea Estate, actually we have a huge order from one of our most valuable Japanese customer, I reached the garden at around 10:00am and it was really very hot so the production was massive but the black teas seemed a bit too dry and the green leafs were covered with blackish shade so it clearly indicated that we were approaching the mid 1st Flush period, I also met many foreign buyers at the garden and they were all in a hurry to buy their stocks for first flush as this is the ultimate time and after this the prices will go very low but anyone can imagine the quality too….

I was also interested in an invoice but the next morning when I re-tasted the tea I just cancelled as the tea was getting really bitter but I am sure the gardens really knows how to sell its teas…anyways there was a big company from America who wanted to overbid and buy my White tea but again it was not possible for him as our company had already booked this invoice long time back, anyways regarding the Moonlight tea, I am very excited to offer this limited edition tea as this tea will be highly appreciated by tea lovers who were waiting for this invoice.

I am not sure for how long I can offer this White exotica as this tea is produced in a very less quantity, it's the Castleton Moonlight/White On the Ex-4………….

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