Wednesday, June 30, 2021

An Approach to 2nd flush 2021 Darjeeling teas

       The 2nd flush harvest is one of the most important harvest for the Darjeeling tea industry since some of the most high quality and expensive darjeeling teas are produced during this season.This harvest usually starts from the last week of May and goes up to the last weeks of June before the monsoons sets in.The world famous muscatel flavour gets prominent in most of the teas produced during this harvest.In one word the world famous classic Darjeeling muscatel teas are produced during this harvest.The character of these teas are very unique than any other harvest.The dry leaves are usually coppery/dark brown/burgundy in appearance,the flavours are much more heavier and rich and the taste is more distinct too.

     Well these are the basic characteristics of 2nd flush but it all depends on the climatic and soil conditions too. Like in this year we saw a very unpredictable climatic conditions.It suddenly started raining in Darjeeling for continious 9 days during the mid weeks of June when it was the main time for harvesting the premium teas.So,it was really difficult for both the gardens and us to make and procure the right 2nd flush teas.We believe we have taste more teas than previous years to choose only the top quality teas this year but as usual we have selected only the best batches.Though it was extremely difficult due to the situation but we had to complete the list of the best 2nd flush teas.Our only focus in this season was to taste and procure the classic muscatel 2nd flush darjeeling teas so we did not focus on other speciality teas like the oolong,whites and green darjeeling teas in this season,as we all know the world famous muscatel character only comes in this season and once we miss it we ll not have the teas till next year again.

     We have tried our best to procure the true and the best 2nd flush 2021 muscatel teas and create a list of it on our website.We invite all tea lovers to order these fine quality teas and as usual we guarantee the highest quality standards for all our teas.

Friday, March 19, 2021



An approach to 1st flush 2021 Darjeeling tea:

   The 1st flush 2021 Darjeeling tea harvest has finally started in almost all the tea gardens of Darjeeling. We are very excited to get back to work after a long break due to the Covid 19 pandemic outbreak last year and the lockdown in India which started from the 23rd of March `2020 and went on for more than 3 months. Like any other industries even Darjeeling tea industry suffered a lot and now we are hopeful that slowly things will take a positive turn and we will start getting some of the finest Darjeeling teas from the tea gardens of Darjeeling as before.

     We are in regular touch with the tea makers of the different tea estates of Darjeeling right from the month of February`2021 until now and the biggest challenge of the moment is that there is no rain in Darjeeling for the last 5 months as a result of which all the tea gardens are going through a draught like situation. The collection of raw leaves are extremely low than before so the actual 1st flush Darjeeling tea production is also low in quantity at the moment but all the tea gardens are using their finest tea pluckers to do selective tea plucking and produce some world class 1st flush 2021 Darjeeling teas.

   We have been continuously tasting the fresh tea samples from many plantations of Darjeeling and have decided to mostly select the teas plucked from the climate resistant clonal cultivars like AV2,P312 ,BB157 etc. as we are seeing better teas are being manufactured this season from the said cultivars. We are expecting our list of 1st flush 2021 Darjeeling teas to be completed by 1st week of April 2021 and we assure that as usual there will be a list of world`s best quality 1st flush Darjeeling teas in our list. We request all Darjeeling tea lovers to keep visiting our website for the best quality 1st flush 2021 Darjeeling teas.


Friday, March 13, 2020

Glenburn Moonshine elite Ex-11 Darjeeling tea 1st flush 2020

This year the Glenburn tea estate started their 1st flush harvest a bit early so we had the opportunity to taste a lot of tea samples from them, we would also like to thank them for giving us the opportunity to taste the tea samples right from the 1st batch was made. This year we waited a bit longer as we wanted to procure the Moonshine batch of Darjeeling tea made from pure AV2 cultivar without any mix of other cultivars in it. We procured 2 batches of Glenburn Moonshine batches this season and they are EX11 and EX12.
    We are offering the EX11 on our website which we feel is a great tea. It is an exceptional and premium quality early season 1st flush 2020 Darjeeling tea plucked from pure and young AV2 clonal bushes of this beautiful garden of Darjeeling. This is the 1st lot of pure 1st flush 2020 AV2 clonal Moonshine Darjeeling tea to roll out of this garden this year.
    The dry leaves are bright green in appearance and have a lot of bold unbroken silver tips in it. When steeped for complete 5 minutes the cup gives out light and bright yellow liquor.
    Each sip is super delicious which reminds of exotic flowers like white rose petals and white lilies with undertones of candied fruits, sweet raisins and fresh sweet honey which further leaves an aftertaste of dry coconut and citrus on the tea lover`s palate.

Monday, February 10, 2020

An approach to 1st flush 2020 Darjeeling tea

An approach to 1st flush 2020 Darjeeling tea:

    The 1st flush 2020 Darjeeling tea harvest has started a bit early this year in few of the gardens situated in the foothills of Darjeeling. The high elevation tea growing areas of Darjeeling has received a good amount of winter rainfall too. So, we can expect to have a very good 1st flush harvest from both the high and low elevation gardens of Darjeeling this year.

    The most important factor of a good 1st flush harvest are the amount of rainfall the tea bushes receives during the winter period, also the day and night temperature difference plays a vital role for the new shoots and buds to grow. The warmer climatic conditions during the early and mid spring season help the tea bushes to conceive good quality young shoots and buds.

   The 1st flush harvest in Darjeeling stretches from late February to mid weeks of May. The best quality teas produced during this period is always plucked as two leaves and a bud during the early 1st flush period i.e. mid weeks of February to the mid weeks of March. The reason behind this thumb rule is that in the 1st flush harvest tea lovers look for a certain character in the tea and i.e. the cup should have light liquor and the aroma should be of tender floral character so, this character of tea can only be achieved from tender shoots and buds.
      The teas produced during this period is not only delicious but are also extremely healthy since the tea bushes conceives the fresh shoots and buds after a long hibernation during the winter season and this newly born 2 leaves and buds contains high amounts of anti oxidants which is essential for all human beings.

   As usual we will taste as much tea samples from various gardens of Darjeeling and choose only the best teas and list it on our online store.For further updates please keep visiting our website

Monday, July 8, 2019

Giddapahar muscatel delight DJ 56 Darjeeling tea 2nd flush 2019

A very high quality 2nd flush 2019 muscatel Darjeeling tea plucked from the pure china bushes of this wonderful garden, located at the high elevations hills of Kurseong valley of Darjeeling.
    The dry leaves are very well manufactured and are dark brown in appearance with some silver tips in it. The dry leaves gives out delicious aroma of freshly baked bourbon biscuits, hazelnuts and ripe grapes with undertones of spices and dry fruits.
     When steeped for complete 5 minutes the cup gives a full bodied golden cup. Each sip is smooth and sweet which reminds of toasted nuts with slightly woody notes, ripe Muscat grapes and dates which further leaves an after taste of vanilla, exotic fresh flowers and dark chocolates on the palate.

A vintage style premium quality 2nd flush 2019 muscatel Darjeeling tea which has a delicious musky aroma and rich fruity floral aftertaste.

Arya Organic Diamond 2nd flush 2019 EX 52 darjeeling tea

A superb, unique and high quality premium 2nd flush 2019 organic Darjeeling tea crafted by one of the best renowned garden of Darjeeling. This premium batch of pure 2nd flush tea is plucked from highest quality AV2 clonal bushes situated at the high elevation tea fields of this garden in Darjeeling.
    This top grade Darjeeling tea has well twisted bold size leaves which are dark coppery in appearance with bold silver and gold tips in it.
     The dry leaves gives out delicious ripe fruity floral aroma with undertones of freshly baked confectionaries, ripe and succulent mangoes, nectarines, citrus and musk.
    When steeped for complete 5 minutes the cup gives a bright and clear golden orange cup. Each sip is extremely smooth and sweet which reminds of ripe and succulent mangoes, ripe peaches and ripe apricots which further leaves a honey and musky aftertaste on the palate with undertones of freshly picked lemons.

A true jewel among the top class 2nd flush 2019 Darjeeling teas which should not be missed by a true Darjeeling tea lover.

Upper Namring (Moon Ray) 2nd flush 2019 Darjeeling tea

A master crafted super premium pure 2nd flush 2019 Darjeeling tea which is plucked from the high elevation and young AV2 clonal bushes of this beautiful garden of Darjeeling.
     The dry leaves are well twisted and wiry and come in shades of brown, burgundy and coppery in appearance and are sorted bold in size and also contains a lot of bold silver and gold tips in it. The dry leaves gives out delicious flowery aroma of red roses, fresh sweet freesia and tulip flowers with undertones of chocolates, muscatel grapes and sweet honey.
       When steeped for complete 5 minutes the two leaves and a bud unfold beautifully. Each sip is very smooth and lean in texture and has a very floral aroma in this state which reminds of freshly picked exotic flowers, with hints of stone fruits which further leave a prolonged aftertaste of succulent ripe mangoes and oranges with slight hints of vanilla and musk.
A majestic offering of the 2nd flush 2019 Darjeeling tea harvest which is a rare find and  true champagne of the 2nd flush 2019 Darjeeling tea harvest.